A radio rental team in New Zealand

Radio rental solutions across New Zealand

Welcome to Airtime Plus Rentals. We are a New Zealand-based company offering complete radio rental solutions across the country. Our dedicated team provides a range of quality two way radios and accessories which are tailored to suit the needs of each client. We have developed a reputation for providing trusted products which are relied upon by many businesses around the country. Our helpful team is here to answer any questions that you might have, so call us today and one of our friendly radio rental experts will help you out.

Contact information

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25 Devon Road
Hamilton 3204
07 957 8191 Admin3@ricom.co.nz

The latest technology

We have a modern fleet of radios including the latest and greatest products. We are also constantly updating our product range to reflect the demand of our customers and updated technologies. Our competitors even call us when they struggled to meet their own demand. We make radio rental in New Zealand easy.
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Our clients

We service a wide variety of clients throughout New Zealand from a range of different industries. Typical clients of ours include security, hospitality, construction, production plants, sports and leisure, special events and farming communities. We are able to adapt our products and services to suit the varying needs of each client.
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